Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bingomatic Pro 1.7 released

The new version of Bingomatic Pro its already in the market. This update brings a lot of improvements y many aspects. It also brings new features as nicknames and backrgounds. Here you have a list with the new things this version offers:
  • Nicknames for the numbers, you can create your owns
  • Different backgrounds, you can use your own image
  • Custom colors for ball, bingo cards and marker, also choose between different markers
  • Better distribution in different screen sizes
  • Many improvements in GUI, customization and usability
  • Real landscape mode to fill the hole TV when you connect the device with it
I'm planing to restructure the web in order to make easier to find the important information. But for now at least I'll tell you a bit about how to create your own nicknames files in the next post.

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