Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Big update coming to Bingomatic Pro

As I said in the previous post, I'm working on an update for Bingomatic. I've work hard this week, and the next release will be ready soon. It comes with a bunch of new options and improvements.

Here you have a list of what you can expect to have in the new version:
  • Choose between different backgrounds when calling the numbers.
  • Also you can use your own images as background, just placing them in the Bingomatic folder on your SD card.
  • Now the app will have the option of use nicknames for the numbers. It comes with English nicknames, but you can create your own file (a simple txt) of nicknames and use it just placing in the SD card too.
  • There will be more customization options like color of the ball, of the marker, different kind of markers and size of the ball.
  • The UI have been improved so now it fits better with different screen sizes, in tablets for example the ball will fit the screen.
  • The landscape mode, now will be real landscape so it'll fit the hole screen for people who was using it on TV.
  • A bug fixed when choosing which columns call or not.
I will release the update as soon as i can. It'll come first for bingomatic pro. Then probably I'll publish an update of the free version. It'll have advertisement in some screens and some of the options of the pro version, but it'll be an important update because now the free version is a bit outdated.

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