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Bingomatic description

With Bingomatic you can play bingo games in group everywhere, you can play with several devices, with printed bingo cards downloaded from here or just generate the bingo cards with you mobile and copy them in a piece of paper.

Bingomatic will act as cage and balls, It will say the number aloud automatically so everyone can play!

When someone hit bingo or line you can check it in the history board or just use the camera of your phone to scan the bingo card.

Features of Bingomatic Pro 1.7

+ Bingo cards generator (two different formats, UK & US Bingo)
+ Bingo caller with voice in several languages. (EN,SP,FR,DE & IT)
+ Use of nicknames to call the numbers or to show them in text,you can use your own nicks.
+ High level of personalization, different backgrounds and custom colors, dabbers, ballsize... you can also use your own image as background.
+ History board to check which numbers has been called and which not.
+ QR codes to check the bingo and line with the camera.
+ Prize calculator.
+ Playable bingo cards. You can use it as bingo card when another device is acting as bingo caller.
+ Autogenerated pdf with bingo cards and theirs QR codes ready to be printed (via this web or via the app)
+ Automatic or manual mode. With different speed levels or custom time between numbers.
+ US bingo with letters, and the option of select which column will be called or not.