Friday, August 27, 2010

Version 1.3 changelog

A new update is about to be released the changes are:
  • Added a dialog when the user had to install TTS library, informing and letting them to install it or keep playing without the voice.
  • Not saying the first ball in some 1.6 versions (bug fixed)
  • Reorganized the settings window in order to make it more clear, this new distribution is better in case I add more options in the future.
  • Usability improvements in bingo cards. The back button now clears a dirty card. And the menu buttons has changed positions in order to make it more comfortable generate a new one with the phone in horizontal.
  • Full screen option.
I'm looking for translators to any language. By now the application is in English and Spanish. If you want the application in your language contact me by email or in the comments. You don't need to know programing is just edit a text file changing the sentences from Spanish or English to your language.

I'm in contact with someone that probably will make the Chinese translation. I'm specially interested in contact people for the Italian, French or German translation.

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