Sunday, August 22, 2010

Version 1.2.1 released

Acabo de subir una actualización menor, para corregir un fallo en el bingo de 90 bolas que se paraba en la bola 75 pensando que el bombo estaba vació. Gracias por el aviso Jose Manuel.


I've just uploaded a minor update because there was a bug in the UK Bingo, which finished the games before the 90 balls where called.
Thanks for such a great feedback I'm getting.


  1. Today I used the app for calling bingo at a Senior living place. It worked wonderfully. The people liked it because it was way faster than messing with the noisy balls and having to clean up every time a new game was played.
    I only had one compliant from a gentleman who swore that the numbers weren't very random. I told him there was only 75 number so it couldn't be too random and that the way it was called was exactly the same as pulling numbers from the cage. He wanted me to ask how random the generator was. I feel it was fine.
    I will be purchasing the donate version shortly for all the great work putting in my suggestions.

  2. Hi Nathan, I read your comment this afternoon, I couldn't answer you because I was on my mobile. But you made my day, haha. Knowing that people is using my app and they like makes me happy.

    About the question of this gentleman, I have been researching a bit. In this version of bingomatic I use the "Java.Random" class to generate random numbers. But in my research I've discovered that there is one class (Java.RandomSecure) that is better generating random numbers, actually it is for cryptographic purposes.

    I consider "Java.Random" is good enough for this kind of games, but as it is possible to use the other class I'm gonna use it on the next version.

    I don´t wanna release too many versions of the app to not disturb people with minimal updates, so It will be available in the next version. But I´m gonna release a minimal update of the donate version (thanks for supporting!) with this new algorithm.

    Thanks again for your support, and for your ideas and suggestions. Greetings!


  3. By the way, i wanna add that the way it generates the random number in versions 1.2.1 and below is perfectly valid. Even more for this kinda games in which the ability of predict the next number has no advantage for the player.

    The way it works is, it take a seed(normally a number related with the time) and with this seed starts generating the random numbers and uses the last number generated in order to generate the next one. With computers and a lot of mathematic the next number can predict, thats the reason they developed java.RandomSecure, to use it in cryptography and security purposes.

  4. Thanks for the response. I will let the gentleman know how it works and put his mind at ease. Great program. Thank you